Why Real Estate Appraisal?

To Enable Free Thinkers To Be Financially Independent Of Society


Post-Science Institute

The next advancement in human knowledge should be the complete and deterministic solution to real estate appraisal, which is the easiest and only solvable (thus far) solution in the problem of value.

Post-science has advanced human theoretical knowledge from science to social science and from social science to life science in the past forty plus years, but the current society still remains in science, in both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Post-science has solved the problem of value. Without the solution of value, the value of any product or service cannot be determined. Thus, there are generally two ways to make money when there is no solution of value: (1) by gambling and (2) by compromise one's principle to claim the unknown value to be positive.

When there is a solution of value, the solution should be able to make predictions of profits and losses. The way to make money is to invest in a profitable business or take a justifiable share of the profit from a client for whom the correct prediction is made. Other types of products and services are subjected to the whim of the public or, worse, that of the government.

In practice, post-science can only demonstrate infallible prediction of the real estate market, which provides sufficient financial data infrastructure for the prediction. The real estate price is inflexible and trails the input data on revenue. Thus, real estate price can be easily predicted from the revenue data. The solution of value gives a commercial real estate broker a decided competitive advantage in approaching clients.

The stock market is not predictable by the solution of value from post-science because the stock price leads the input revenue data due to the complete flexibility of the stock price and because the stock market can be easily manipulated by large mutual funds and, ultimately, the government. Even though the laws of nature, such as the solution of value, are the non-violable regulations of the stock market, the government still dare to interfere with the short-term prices because the stock market is not large enough to affect the entire economy. Such is not the case for the real estate market, which is far larger than the government and any tempering with it might bring down the entire economy.

Even with the infallible prediction of the real estate market, which has supported practically all the research in post-science, the society is not responding to the solution of value. Even with two financial crises, namely, the Savings and Loan Crisis and the Subprime Woe, both of which are caused by faulty real estate appraisal methods, the government and the industry still refuse to confront the solution of value in real estate appraisal, which is in social science, not science.

The solution of real estate appraisal, if accepted by the establishment, will expose the society to the first completely verified theoretical and practical knowledge in social science.

One of the greatest hindrances to the progress of knowledge, if not the greatest, is the financial dependence of thinkers on society. Up to the twenty-first century, the history of human progress is simply a record of the persecution of great thinkers by the establishment, made possible mainly by the financial dependence of the thinkers on the society, whose knowledge the establishment dominates.

As soon as original thinkers can become financially independent of the society for their livelihood, the society will advance freely and be independent of the control of the establishment. The solution of real estate appraisal will provide the financial independence to all the independent thinkers in the foreseeable future. Accordingly, the membership fee to post-science will depend on the ability to pay. ### Hugh Ching, Founder of Post-Science, 8/1/2009

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